Written Interview with Flint Drag Racer – Aman Sharma


I have got a chance to catch up with Aman to see if he had any plans of changing his ideas for his car. A few lines down, I will add in all of the information he gave me!

Like my previous interview with Mike Mendoza, I met Aman when I had my red Honda Civic Hatch. We shared the same series motor, slight differences, different aspirations but none of that matter.

The first thing I posted about my car on social media, Aman jumped up and was gladly, willing to help out with anything he could.


I asked Aman.

Q. What are your current plans for your car? Have they changed, or are they the same?


It’s been a while since we chatted, and as you are aware. Car is still not on the road and well, some people get curious as to what’s going on. So, here we go..

Originally, it was supposed to stay stock block. Boring 10:1 bullshit. But since then, the oil pan came off. Nothing really screamed “look further” in there. I could have slapped it back on and called it good. But I pulled the oil pick up off, looked inside and there was a good deal of bearing material in there. Not sure if I included this previously, the whole thing is a blur really.

So there I was, tossing around the idea of just going f20b stock block since they’re 11:1 ish. But the H22 head was already with my good friend Jeff, and he already had hours into it. I’m not one to sacrifice a labor of love. So, hell. We dragged that dirty short block over to Terry’s barn. Much more organized, a lot cleaner, warmer, and well, he knows a thing or two that I don’t. Ended up buying pistons, and all new bearings, nothing was severely damaged. The middle main bearing was thoroughly ate up, and the locator tab dug into the block a bit, but not enough to call it trash and hunt for a new one. (Maybe it was, we’ll find out.) Not only that, the crank ended up with micropolish and hot tank, decided to delete the balance shafts, and switch to the KsTuned tensioner as well. So, the bottom end now isn’t “stock” even though the pistons are still technically oe, and all we took out was a bunch of rotating mass and raised oil pressure. Whatever, not even going to dip into that stock vs. not stock debate. But yeah, head is relatively the same plan, except for my buddy Derek laying some really great looking paint on the valve cover.

I haven’t touched the trans yet, or done any more to the shell. It’s going to be another few months, hopefully anyways, there’s a lot of work cut out for me and my very helpful friends.

If I could I’d like to thank a few people, mostly Josue. He’s the in house tuner at GMG and a great friend, that guy is definitely one of the coolest dudes I’ve ever met. Not only has he helped me with the car related nonsense, but he’s also guided me in my personal life a ton. Terry for just being Terry, never a dull moment around that guy for me. His space is well kept and I’m grateful he let me drag the motor over there. Badri, thats my man, nobody has spent as much time with me as that guy on any of this. I remember one night we were working until about 5:30am. Lastly, Kris for storing my stagnant shell that needs a lot of hours before it’s ready to accept a finished product of a drivetrain.

The car’s been neglected for a long time, virtually no down time, becaue I really hate my internet trolls. I seriously hate you, I know you’re reading this. I wasn’t going to put up the car for the various trans issues I had and dealt with the best I could. But hey, that’s where I’m at. At the absolute latest, I will be at IFO. Not sure if the car will pass tech, but if they’re pretty strict, we’ll have this pile turned down going 11.50 on the money. If it even does that.

Thanks for catching up with me Dakota, awesome of you to keep tabs.


Full Name: Aman Sharma

Where You Live: Flint, MI.

A Little Bit About You(How you got into cars) Well, I’ve always enjoyed cars. Honestly, my father had a few cars that were considered “fast” when they came out back in their day. Such as his Foxbody, but I’m not entirely too sure how I found myself where I am today. I used to be into stance, and check out features on those cars, but it seems like I found a new path in the past year or so.


Q: Current Car(Make, Model, Year)

A: 1995 Honda Civic Ex Coupe.


Q: Previous Cars(Make, Model, Year)

A: 2012 Volkswagen Jetta GLI; 1994 Acura Integra LS Sedan.


Q: Favorite Owned Car

A: Definitely the Civic, no competition.


Q: Dream Car

A: I’m a simple guy, I would love a GSR swapped, Rotrex 1993 Integra Sedan. I love 4 doors for some reason, always will.


Q: What form of racing do you do?

A: Nobody has ever asked me this before, I don’t really do much track stuff. Never competed or anything like that, yet. I may or may not do some street stuff, but that’s about it. I’m finally taking the plunge and building the motor, shaving out all the weight I possibly could, and basically just having a drag car. So, I’ll probably be at the strip more often than not.


Q: Do You Race For A Team? If yes, What Team?

A: Nope, I have a great group of friends and we all get together and do our thing.


Q: How Did You Get Into Your Current Form of Racing?

A: Where I live, in Flint. I was never around for the days when the car scene was huge, but anybody that has visited will tell you that there are some great guys, and some pretty gnarly cars out here. Everybody would get together at a decent road and well, that’s how I got hooked.


Q: What Is The Suspension Setup on Your Car Currently?

A: Pretty simple, Koni Yellows (dampening at full stiff), no sway bars, NRG Traction Bar, Skunk 2 LCAs, Neuspeed Race Springs, every bushing on the car has been switched over to Energy Poly.


Q: What are your current power-train specifications?

A: This is the fun stuff! So, it’s not your typical B series swap you always hear or see. It’s actually H2B. You take the H22 motor and mate it to a B series transmission. QSD makes a great off the shelf set up that utilizes an adapter plate. In my case, it’s a stock H22a4 bottom end, and I’m in the middle of having my good friend Jeff port and polish the head, and throwing in Skunk 2 Pro 1 cams, Supertech valve-train with titanium retainers and some other misc. stuff like cam gears.


Q: What are your current drive-train specifications?

A: 98-01 Jdm Type R transmission; 4.785 Final Drive. Autozone axles.


Q: What is your current wheel/tire setup? Do you race on this setup? If no, what do you use?

A: I have a couple different sets of wheels. Some R6 tires, some Nittos, all seasons, had some full slicks and parted with those also. I’ll drive on whatever tires it’s on really, no biggie.


Q: Do you drive this car on a daily basis?

A: I really did, Nobody would believe me. This car was gutted, with 4 feet, of 3″ exhaust, and I daily drove the shit out of it. Now it’s not though, thankfully.


Q: Are you part of any car clubs?(Aside from the team if you’re on one)

A: Not really, there’s HBM. But that’s not all that serious yet.


Q: Do you have any advice for younger enthusiasts, who may be interested in the racing you do?

A: If you can, don’t DD that car. Secondly, don’t get caught, it sucks.


Q: Do you prefer racing on a track, or on the street?(Mexico obviously)

A: Last year, it was a bone stock motor. So at the track, it was slow as could be. I guess in Tijuana the roads work in my favor.


Q: If you do race on the street and the track, do you have your car setup the same way between the two surfaces?(If not, what is different?)

A: Pretty much, nothing changed last season. Making more power and having less weight, I may have to move some weight around to get it to 60 foot better on the different surfaces, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.


Q: How long have you been doing this kind of racing?

A: Give or take 2 years.


Q: Have you ever done any other kinds of racing?(If yes, what kind?)

A: I’ve dabbled in some small auto crosses, but I think I’ve found my groove now.


Q: Do you have any changes planned for your car in the 2016 season?(If yes, what? If you want to tell)

A: Sure, I’m tearing it down to near nothing and starting from scratch. The suspension is fine, but deleting a few things. There’s a built head going on that I actually should be getting to right now, but here I am. I pulled the dash yesterday with my buddy Kris, gutted out everything behind it, relocated the ecu, threw away the Airbag system wiring and well.. yeah. Overall, just a much lighter chassis and maybe making 25% more power.


Q: Would you recommend your platform of car to any new-comers?

A: Honda all the way.


Q: When you got your current car, did you plan to get into the racing you do? Or did it slowly grow on you?

A: I don’t know how it happened, it was just some friends at first, then I┬ástarted getting a little competitive between us, and now, I’m trying to get into traveling to event such as Honda Day and actually compete.


Q: Do you prefer automatic, or manual transmissions?

A: I know Autos win races, but my inner high school-er that wants to impress his girlfriend says Manual hands down.


Q: Do you personally prefer import, or domestic?

A: No preference, I would love a teal Notch.


Q: Did the type of racing you’re currently in, introduce you to new people?

A: Yes, just being an enthusiast overall has brought many good people into my life, I love the people I’m surrounded by.


Q: Do you race for fun, or do you do it for competition?

A: Used to be for fun, but like I said, now moving to a more competitive aspect if I can find a class where I can fit the car in. Who knows, I might end moth-balling that whole deal and just keep doing it because I like it. We’ll see where I land around this time next year maybe?


Since Aman doesn’t go to Mexico a whole lot anymore he decided it time to go faster. The last time I saw Aman was on Woodward while he was about to leave for Mexico and his coupe is clean and fast.

I enjoyed learning all these things about Aman’s Civic and I hope you did too. I cannot wait to see where this build leads to!

Aman Aman2 Aman3 Aman4 Aman5

-Dakota O(MiAutoFed)

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