E34 BMW M5 S38B36 Valve Cover Removal and Valve Adjustment DIY. 1

Tools Needed:
10mm Deep Well Socket,
10mm Wrench,
8mm Socket,
3mm & 5mm Allen (I’ll check and update it to be sure)
30mm Socket (Rent the Hub kit from Advance it has a 30,32,34,36mm)
Something to turn the sockets,
Feeler Gauges,
Valve Bucket Compressor Tool,
33mm Volvo Valve Shims,
Valve Cover Gasket & Spark Plug Tube Gaskets, (Mine were all sold individually)
Gloves if you arent Chuck Norris,
Years of Metal Preparation,
And a Syrian Man (Will elaborate later)

First off, Open the hood…
Open the door, pull the thingy, open the hood like a normal car, then swing it like it normal cars dont.
I used a 10lb sledge to prop up my hood because it was windy.  Any stick/pole should work just fine.

You are then greeted by this masterpiece!


Undo the 3 Bolts that hold the spark plug cover on, mine were 8mm.

This cover hides some fine italian spaghetti.


Star pulling wires until you cant figure out which one goes where.

I chose to shove some paper in the holes, Im a klutz and didnt want to drop anything down there even with the spark plugs in there.

Pull more wires…

I chose to replace my Cap & Rotor at this time, I just transfered the wire over to the new cap.
Turns out, the cap is labeled, and so are the wires.  So its nearly impossible to mess up.

Now you need to remove 3 10mm nuts holding on the spark plug plastic piece thingy.

Now remove the plastic piece and you are left with this…

Tons of progress, right?

So, at this point I realized I needed to be able to turn the crank.
I proceeded to remove the airbox to gain some space, but that didnt work.
I was at a dead end and ended up removing the Cap/Rotor as they were going to be changed anyways. (8mm Bolt holding the cap on, 3mm Allen holding the rotor on.)
I ended up using the Syrian Man to remove the fan shroud, and that got me enough clearance to put a ratchet on the end of the 30mm socket.

Then I removed all bagillion of the 10mm Valve Cover Bolts.
(24 in total)

Which brings us to this….

See, Tons of space!


Rotate the motor until the caps point upward.
Then proceed to slide the feeler gauges between the cam lobe and the shim.
Find out what fits, and what doesnt.  “Spec” is 0.28mm-0.33mm IIRC
Oddly enough, I didnt have a single valve out of spec, so I cant elaborate on removal of the shims.


Now use the Syrian Man to hold the insanely clean valve cover. (Can you believe this thing has 146k on it?)

Toss some new gaskets on, and feel like a badass.

If you can figure out how to put it back together, read this DIY in reverse.


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