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Let me start this off by saying I do not know how to drift much at all. Like most of us, I get the basic premise of it; but the whole sport of it is all very new to me and will take some getting used to.

About six months ago, I bought a 1988 325i e30. The car was slow, automatic, lowered on cut springs with blown shocks (previous owner), the tac didn’t work, and it basically had a lot of stupid “issues” with it. The car did run like a champ, and had a LSD so that made it slightly cool…but that’s about it. Really though, the e30 was my first RWD car, and I was immediately in love with sliding. Again, not a drifter; but I slid it around corners and messed around with it. Getting it sideways and keeping it going through a drift was one hell of an adrenaline rush, even with how bad I was at it and how poorly the car performed. I decided to actually pursue a better car for sliding, and I ended up recently getting rid of it for a more build-able e36 325is coupe.

The e36 I bought was a 1995 with 206,000 miles on it. On the way to meet up and make the trade, the coolant line on the e36 exploded and the car had to be parked, then limped back to my house where the line was replaced and the system was bled. I feel pretty stupid about that, the coolant system was not bleeding at all and just spewing coolant all over my driveway; I found out the next day there was a bleeder screw right next to the radiator cap (lol) and when I removed that, it was a cakewalk to bleed.


The car was also hit in the front. The PO tired to replace some of the panels, but a lot of the front end was still destroyed. I ended up buying a new hood, grille, headlights, corner lights, and bumper to go on the car; along with a set of M side skirts and snow tires/wheels. That is pretty much where the car is at right now. Being in Michigan approaching January 2016; I plan on beating the car around this winter before actually digging into it. The goal here with the car is to build a functional drift car on somewhat a budget.

And now, the dreamer’s section.

As we all know, most things with a project car do not go to plan. I would like to have a decent collection of wheels/drift spares in spring, with the interior gutted and a decent seat with good support for me (and possibly a passenger). Possibly a cage if time/ money allows me. The car will be on some stiff coilovers with a M3 LSD or welded diff. Still researching my options, as well as keeping my eyes open for any deals that may come along.



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  1. Mark Dec 29,2015 7:48 PM

    Going to boost the stock engine or do a swap?

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