E36 Sedan Build

Not too sure what I want to build this platform for. Not sure what kind of racing I want to pursue. When I originally purchased the car I wanted to go for drifting, which I may still proceed with. I am also interested in Auto-Cross racing. Either way, I have never been actually into racing, so I have no idea as to what I am doing for prep.

The car is a 318i so I know that will have to change. High mileage, but the body is super solid other than needing floor boards. When I got the car I had big intentions on swapping it with a rotary engine, which I also still may proceed with. I know, rotaries are “unreliable”, “power-less”, etc etc. I’m not building this car to be “crazy fast”, I am shooting for “different”. I may also put a Chevy 350 in it. I honestly have no preference in engines. I may even throw a 302 in it. I love all makes, all models.

This is my first RWD car. Previous to this I have owned nothing but Honda.

My E36 has roughly 186xxx miles, it does have a standard transmission. It is on cut springs. (Previous owner) I’ve never had as much faith in a car with any other car I have had, which is the opposite I was expecting when I got this. I have given this thing EVERY reason to blow up, simply because I do not care about the M42 engine it has. I am roughly 12,000 miles over an oil change. I do not baby the car, and still, every day, it starts right up. Cold A/C. Nice and easy Power Steering.

The car rides like hell, but I’m used to driving death traps(Honda). Since I have had the car the only maintenance I have done on it is, front rotors and pads, rear shocks, tires all the way around, and I replaced the moon roof track.

But none of that matters, I’m going to post some pictures of this turd and you can follow me on the build if you choose to!


~Dakota (MiAutoFed)

The first 6 pictures are the car the first day I got it.

e36 4 e36 5 e36 6 e36 7 e36 8 e36 9


Making some small changes, like getting rid of the ugly blue.

e36 10 e36 11 e36 12 e36 13 e36 14 e36 18


Now, now, I know, rusted body panels are for kids. Well the paint was messed up, and until I decided with what I wanted I’ve always liked the old patina look.

e36 23 e36 21e36 26 e36 27 e36 28 e36 29 e36 30



Halloween Car Meet! (as you can tell I got rid of the ugly “eyelids” too)

e36 31 e36 32



Acquired a set of Style 107’s (Staggered 18’s)

e36 20



What it looks like today!

e36 25


Stick around for updates!!!!!

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