Written Interview with Local HPDE and Time Attack Racer – Mike “Doz” Mendoza!

I’ve known Mike for a little while now. I personally met him when I had my Red 1994 Honda Civic Hatchback. Mike is a real down to earth guy, easy to get along with, and has a deep passion for the automotive industry.

I approached him asking if he wouldn’t mind sharing what he has done to prepare his car for the type of racing he does. Mike was more than happy to share with us.

Now here is a series of questions, shortly followed by his answers!


Full Name: Michael Mendoza

Where You Live: Warren, Michigan

A Little Bit About You(How you got into cars)

I have always been into speed. I grew up riding dirt bikes and snowmobiles, cars was just the next step. Especially since my brother had a 1970 Chevrolet Nova, loved that car but he sold it before i got my license.

Q: Current Car(Make, Model, Year)

A: 1992 Honda Civic Hatch is my racecar and 1999 Acura Integra GSR is my daily.


Q: Previous Cars(Make, Model, Year)

A: 1998 Dodge Neon r/t and 2004 Dodge Neon SRT


Q: Favorite Owned Car:

A: My current 92 Civic hatch is by far my favorite car I’ve owned.


Q: Dream Car:

A: 2016 ACR Viper


Q: What form of racing do you do?

A: I do HPDE track days and Time Attack.


Q: Do you race for a team? If yes, what team?

A: We are kind of a team but we have no name, just a group of friends with common interest. We are more like family.


Q: How did you get into your current form of racing?

A: In 2010 I tagged along on the shenanigans rally to Tail of The Dragon, I fell in love with hitting turns. After that it’s all I talked about, until my good friends JC and Brian Duong got me to the track in 2012. If not for them, I probably would still be dreaming about it.


Q: What is the suspension setup on your car currently?

A: Buddy Club N+ coilovers, Progress 22mm rear sway bar, ASR rear subframe brace, and ITR 24mm front sway bar. Whiteline trailing arm bushings and all bushings have been replaced with polyurethane.


Q: What are your current power-train specifications?

A: Stock GSR swap with intake and exhaust. 150 whp 106 tq


Q: What are your current drive-train specifications?

A: B16 trans non lsd with b&m short shifter.


Q: What is your current wheel/tire setup? Do you race on this setup? If no, what do you use?

A: I track and drive daily on 15×8 Buddy Club, wrapped in Yokohama Advan ad08r 205/50r15,


Q: Do you drive this car on a daily basis?

A: I drive the car all summer long to work, track and various car meets.


Q: Are you part of any car clubs?(Aside from the team if you’re on one)

A: No.


Q: Do you have any advice for younger enthusiasts, who may be interested in the racing you do?

A: The only advice I have is to be dedicated to whichever Motorsport you choose, you will run into problems in them all and none of them are cheap when you start competing.


Q:How long have you been doing this kind of racing?

A:About 3 years now.


Q:Have you ever done any other kinds of racing?(If yes, what kind?)

A: Not really, I’ve taken my car to drag strip a few times but nothing competitive.


Q: Do you have any changes planned for your car in the 2016 season?(If yes, what? If you want to tell)

A: For 2016 the only differences will be the addition of the Rotrex supercharger and the Type r lsd in the trans.


Q: Would you recommend your platform of car to any new-comers?

A: Yes definitely, if your starting out nothing is cheaper to modify or easier to work on than an old civic, plus if you crash it’s a cheap car you can buy another.


Q: When you got your current car, did you plan to get into the racing you do? Or did it slowly grow on you?

A: When I picked up my civic I just wanted to boost the d series and street race, once I did the GSR swap and tracked it once i was sold on the track.


Q: Do you prefer automatic, or manual transmissions?

A: Manual, automatics are boring. Also not a fan of paddles, real men drive stick.


Q: Do you personally prefer import, or domestic?

A: I have no preference, I love cars period. I would love to be able to track an old 1970 challenger but it’s not in my budget.


Q: Did the type of racing you’re currently in, introduce you to new people?

A: Yes, the people I have met at the race tracks are the coolest people I have met in the car scene, whether they are older or younger they are respectful and will help people out in any way they can, whether its borrowing tools or even giving you parts you may need.


Q: Do you race for fun, or do you do it for competition?

A: I did it for fun but am looking forward to actually competing this year.


I want to thank Mike, for sharing about his passion and his car. Here are some pictures of the current Honda!

Doz1 Doz2 Doz3 Doz4Doz6Doz7Doz12Doz8Doz9

Doz10 Doz11


-Dakota O(MiAutoFed)

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