Poverty Spec Phaeton

Its not very often that you come across a Volkswagen Phaeton for sale.  If a Volkswagen is the weird family member at Christmas Dinner, a Phaeton is the eccentric German grandfather who doesn’t want anyone to know he has lots of money.

With a sticker price of nearly $100,000 in 2004, the Phaeton was something that the US Market never expected from Volkswagen…  A Big, Expensive, Luxury Sedan.

This example has the slightly more reliable 4.2L V8, rather than the engineering marvel that is the 6.0L W12.
With double pane windows, a dehumidifier and many many miles of electrical wiring, the Phaeton was a true testament to German Engineering.
After nearly 280k miles, this Phaeton has surely seen its fair share of use.  With mentions of a broken rear window, broken air suspension, and possible transmission issues, this Phaeton sure is Poverty-Spec with a dismal asking price of $3500 OBO.

Check it out here on Craigslist in Cleveland.

PovertySpecPhaeton1 PovertySpecPhaeton

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